Keys to attractive and useful garden

Keys to attractive and useful garden

Gardens announce the coming of the spring and summer months with the fragrance of lilac blossoms and cauliflower blooms. The keys to making both attractive and useful gardens is planting your fruits and vegetables with your flowers. This combination attracts the necessary insects and birds to keep your garden healthy. Here are some tips for organizing your garden.

Plan Ahead

Before the season starts, think about your garden’s plan. Take out some graph paper and plot it out. Do you have trees in the corner of the yard? How about an arbor? Think about the plants you can enhance these areas, a rose bush or grapes for the arbor. Ground covering plants like marigolds for the trees.

Pay Attention to Heights

Trees and arbors notwithstanding, it is important to plan your rowed garden slightly differently than you do your tree and arbor areas. For beauty purposes as well as for ease of movement, your tallest plants should stand at the back of your garden. Think sunflowers and corn if you’re not sure. And along those lines, you want to develop a graduated visual approach, meaning that tall plants shouldn’t be placed next to really short plants. Instead, plant items such as sunflowers next to daisies, which have longer stalks.

Wikipedia also reminds us that raised-bed gardening has become an important trend in recent years. Several advantages exist for raised-bed gardening aside from adding more height to your garden area. If the ground in your yard is rocky and the soil is bad, raised-bed gardening allows you to start with good soil from the get-go. This reduces the weeds you’ll have and makes growing easier, because you start with well-fertilized soil.

Go For Visual Interest and Variety

And speaking of daisies and sunflowers, very often plants have similar-looking flowers and are of similar colors. You can still plant them next to one another and still make a useful garden by choosing flowers of a different color. For example, if you plant daisies next to sunflowers, be sure to choose pink or orange sunflowers. These will contrast nicely with the yellow of the sunflowers.

But Maintain Visual Continuity…

Although an attractive garden calls for pockets of visual variety, overall you want to have a color scheme for your garden. It might be helpful to look at the color wheel to see which colors complement each other. For example, blue and yellow are opposites on the color wheel as are purple and orange. But blues and purples and yellows and oranges also look good together. It is useful to look at your garden’s color plan in these terms. The goal is to be able to survey your garden and see a few colors that are constant throughout and which look good together.

Texture Visual and Tactile

Your garden’s look isn’t only derived from its colors and shapes. Textures like kale leaves and African violets offer good texture contrast. When you visit your local gardening center, place the plants or at least the seed packets next to each other to see what plants might look good together and be beneficial to each other in terms of the pests they keep away.

Be Aware of the Buggies

Although you might fear bees, creatures like bees, ladybugs, and certain birds help keep pests away naturally. Certain bugs are attracted to certain types of flowers. Make sure you have a mix of plants like black-eyed Susans, cilantro, mustard, and mint. Choosing native plants is also important to having a beautiful garden.


Creating a beautiful and useful garden comes from making plans ahead of time and mixing textures, colors, and patterns. Doing this not only lends to the visual beauty of the garden, but its overall health. Finally, make sure that you go with plants from both the flower world as well as from the fruit and vegetable world to give your garden the most usefulness. A Garden also makes a great place to sit and relax. Polywood adirondack chairs make a great addition to any garden and with its weather resistant properties it’s sure to be a great place to enjoy your garden.


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How to decorate your garden if you’re on a budget

How to decorate your garden if you’re on a budget

37007bd11801f3ef6ab2af06a6f3b797Creating a unique decor in your garden can be fun and exciting, but a common misconception is that it’s expensive to beautify your garden or yard decor. This simply is not true. You’d be amazed at how little spending it can take to decorate once you start thinking of new and unusual ideas. Being frugal with your garden decor will free up more funds for the actual planting or other important things on your list.

Begin by searching your own house for old “throw away some day” items that you’ll probably never use again. You’ll be thrilled at just how many interesting items you find. You can start with your child’s room and look for toys. Usually children have all sorts of toys or products hidden in the toy box, room comers and of course, under the bed! Old broken toys can often be transformed into unique planting containers. Most toys are very colorful too, which adds a splendid shine to your garden decor. Planting colorful flowers in “toy” containers will definitely bring out the color in your garden while giving it a creative look and feel.

8a31b5032d7facee31747aeb16f3b464Afterwards, you can proceed to look in the attic or garage for old “junk” lying around. Maybe you have some old rusted lawnmower tires or tools that could be used to add a “rustic” look to your garden. If you have old poles such as long curtain rods or something similar, you can stick these in the ground in or around your garden and tie or attach something creative to the pole. You’ve probably noticed in stores those little poles with characters or animals on them. Use your poles to make your own decorative garden sign or marker. Paint the pole a bright color and make your own piece of art. You can attach anything from flowing ribbons to iron artwork on your poles. The only limit is your imagination. Your kids might want to participate with this one!

photo_81.originalOther items you may discover lying around that could be useful are large coffee containers (tin cans), mason jars, old wheelbarrows or garden tools and accessories that you’re no longer using, and other stuff. These are just a few ideas to get your “frugal” wheels turning. As you begin your scavenger hunt around the house, you’ll probably come across many potential garden decor beauties. The wonderful thing about finding garden decor items around the house is that they’re all free! You can’t find a better price than that anywhere on the planet.

Garden-Arrangement-IdeasAnother great way to be frugal while planning your garden decor is to become a frequent shopper at yard sales and flea markets. Keep an eye out for great bargains on beautiful garden decor items. You may be able to find some pretty good items for less than half the original price. This will certainly enable you to decorate your garden elegantly while still remaining frugal. Some treasures you might discover at yard sales or flea markets include flower vases, stepping stones, fencing pieces, bird feeders or bird houses, or even miniature windmills. As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

Garden-decorating-ideas-18-620x412After you find whatever you need, you can proceed to integrate them in your garden and create a truly unique look, which also costs you next to nothing compared to a usual garden renovation project.

If you’re on a budget, but still want to refresh the look of your garden, the above tips can definitely help you – just turn your imagination on and start working!

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